2013 Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 NCVS Young Violists Competition, held March 3rd 2013 at the SF Community Music Center. We had 12 initial applicants, 6 finalists, a new work by violist and composer Kurt Rohde, and the winners were:

1st Prize (tie vote)
Clara Chan and Hayaka Komatsu (both study with Jodi Levitz)

3rd Prize
Emily Liu (studies with Jodi Levitz)

Best Performance of the Commissioned Work
Emily Liu

Finalists / Honorable Mention
Linus Lu (studies with Susan Bates)
Nayeon Kim (studies with Susan Bates)
Madeleine Wright (studies with Janet Sims)

We were also proud to present Susan Bates, teacher of two of our finalists this year - and of countless other violists who have developed their skills in the Bay Area through the years - with the 2013 Tom Heimberg Viola Advocate Award, recognizing her tireless dedication to advancing the Viola and its players throughout the region and beyond.

Congratulations to you all, and thanks to all our applicants and their families for participating in this first-ever NCVS YVC!

-Ethan Filner, President