Thursday, April 7, 2016

Violas on a Roll - APRIL 10, 2016 - 10am to 7pm - CMC in San Francisco

It's almost here! Violas on a Roll in San Francisco takes place this coming Sunday April 10 from 10am till about 7pm at Community Music Center (544 Capp St.) in San Francisco's vibrant Mission District.

Many have registered to participate but there's always room for more! Join us this Sunday (the registration link is below, in the next post - or under the "Violas on a Roll" tab above...

Don Ehrlich
10am show up! + Group warm-up, led by Daria D'andrea 
10:30-12:00pm  Blues Workshop / Improv Seminar - "Violas on a Roll" rehearsal led by Katrina Wreede - see attached sheet music (.pdf with representative mp3 file) if you'd like to get a head-start on learning the piece Katie will be teaching us to play together for the evening concert!
12:00-12:45pm  LUNCH BREAK (B.Y.O. or go get a yummy burrito on nearby Mission St.)
12:45-2:00pm   ALL-AGES Master Class led by assorted professionals & NCVS board members / opportunity for participants experienced AND new to try Feller loaner violas
2:00-3:00pm   Group Viola Ensemble Reading Session led by Dr. Tom Tatton -music will be provided but please bring any works you'd like to maybe also try to read with others!
3:00-5:00pm   Advanced Youth Masterclass led by Don Ehrlich (4 preselected student players)
5:00-5:45pm   POTLUCK DINNER
6:00~7:00pm  CONCERT - program includes "Violas on a Roll" music (featuring all participants) and some other works - let us know by 3pm (the beginning of Don's masterclass) if you would like to maybe play something on the concert, either on your own or with a group. We should have time for a couple or few additions!
We will have on hand several violas of varying size on loan from Feller Violins in SF, for use at any time of day by any aspiring/possible violin-to-converts. At the same time as the general group reading session there will be an opportunity for interested future-violists to go to a separate space in CMC to do some first-attempt alto-clef reading of their own.

limited NCVS merchandise will be available! bring cash :)

The schedule above is subject to change, or at least somewhat sloppy application; things might get behind and run into the lunch and/or dinner breaks.

Thank you everybody who has offered to bring something to share for dinner - it looks like we'll have a nice little feast of.... well, we'll all see when we get there! ;)

Street parking is theoretically available, but you may end up having to walk a couple of blocks back to CMC -- if you have a heavy load to unload (instrument/food/music/stand?) you might consider coming a little early to double-park and drop stuff off first, then go find a spot for the day. There is also a decent pay lot just a couple of blocks toward downtown, on Capp.

Any questions? Drop us a line and we'll get back to you asap.

Thanks and see you soon!
Ethan Filner
415-779-6287 (NCVS)

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